Kansas City UX/UI Mobile Core User Group

A new community of UX and UI design and development for mobile

About this Group:

The Kansas City “CoreGroups” were created back in 2004. At that time, we were to cover the majority of Adobe's tools. Since then, there has been an ever expanding mobile force through the industry and the KCCoreGroup members deserve a new, unique group. 

Therefore, this new group plans to focus, on both UX and UI design and development for mobile. We'll use any number of Adobe products at any given time to discuss wireframing, creating user stories, requirements, wireflows, prototyping, design and development from a user interface and user experience perspective. Something none of the other KCCoreGroups does at the moment.  -- Dee Sadler UGM

Meeting Location: 12345 College BVLD at JCCC, 6220 Sprint Parkway in the CRC Lab, and VML at the downtown Airport.

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